Cables – the venis of any communication and security system must be reliable and robust. cabling is central to every business be it a corporate environment or an expansive hospital network. Thanks to our proven capabilities, you can rely on our strong and stable cable connections meant for a wide range of applications from telecommunications, transportation, business campuses to residential use.

Count on us for all your versatile cabling requirements.

  • Copper Cables

    Copper Cables

    A range of shielded and unshielded twisted-pair cabling that offers high flexibility, maximizes thermal and electrical conductivity for optimal transmission.

  • Copper Patch Cords

    Copper Patch Cords

    Best quality patch cords that extend performance integrity for maintaining quality transmissions over different cabling channels.

  • Copper Patch Panels

    Copper Patch Panels

    The most ideal modular patch panels to create a convenient, flexible, and reliable platform in your Cat6 cabling channel network.

  • Copper Couplers

    Copper Couplers

    A full line of copper couplers for linking cables and providing feed-through patching for easy installations in varied cabling infrastructure.

  • Copper Connectors

    Copper Connectors

    A multitude of connectors in varied sizes including tees, elbows and couplings, perfect for straight assembling and push-to-connect cross fittings.

  • Keystone Jacks

    Keystone Jacks

    A comprehensive range of keystone module connectors in data communication and LAN wiring that offer exceptional performance and reliability.

  • Voice Solutions

    Voice Solutions

    Specialized structured cabling for built-in clarity and rapid voice communications in hybrid data transmission networks.

  • Faceplates


    A wide variety of snap-in, surface and flush-mount faceplates for fiber and copper information outlets.

  • Floor Adaptors

    Floor Adaptors

    Copper adapter fittings that are fast, easy, and safe to install for dependable inserts and crimp fittings.

  • Black Boxes

    Black Boxes

    Seamless standalone and high-density connection chassis to provide all the functionality for integrating fiber technology into existing network infrastructure.

  • RJ45 Boots

    RJ45 Boots

    A complete range of strain relief boots including UTP & FTP Connectors for Cat5e and Cat6 systems on ethernet networks.

  • Next-gen Cabling and Connectivity Solutions.

    Forward-thinking Cabling Solutions to meet every Versatile Project Need.

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