The best network server racks keep all your technical equipment organized, accessible and out of harm’s way. The sturdy enclosures house your electrical devices and keep telecom rooms up and running non-stop. Options range from tall floor-standing units designed for dedicated server rooms to more compact wall-mounted cabinets with security locks to discourage tampering and unauthorized access.

Optimize your IT infrastructure with the safest enclosures.

  • Wall Mount Cabinets

    Wall Mount Cabinets

    Hinged and swing-out sturdy cabinets and enclosures to provide easy access to critical equipment and optimal usage of space.

  • Floor Standing Racks

    Floor Standing Racks

    Large selection of racks for intensive networking with feature-rich power distribution, cooling and reliable housing of mission-critical equipment.

  • Wall Mount Enclosure

    Wall Mount Enclosure

    Multi-functional easy-to-install enclosures optimized for cable management, integrated power distribution and maximum airflow meeting the current IT trends.

  • Shelves


    Best in class rack-mount shelves with robust steel frames and locking cabinets to secure and organize critical IT equipment in server rooms.

  • Fans & Accessories

    Fans & Accessories

    An extensive line of rack cooling fans and accessories to cool down equipment and keep them functioning at their best.

  • Rack Doors

    Rack Doors

    High-level security doors and covers for safe locking of servers, routers and securing against unauthorized access.

  • Cable Managers

    Cable Managers

    A range of cable management solutions to organize server cabling to optimize airflow, tidy the appearance and allow easy troubleshooting.

  • Power Distribution Units

    Power Distribution Units

    Resilient power interface units designed to make your power accessory installations easier and more secure for an uninterrupted service.

  • Din Rail Mounting Kits

    Din Rail Mounting Kits

    Reliable easy-to-mount din rail brackets with mounting holes to securely mount extenders and other devices preventing undesired movement.

  • Blank Panels

    Blank Panels

    Efficient filler panels in distinct sizes act as spacer blanks in vertical spaces to maintain proper airflow and cooling within racks.

  • Vertical Cable Manager Trays

    Vertical Cable Manager Trays

    Check out our great selection of premium running trays to help manage and protect cables in racks, cabinets and enclosures.

  • Vertical Cable Managers with Hinged Cover

    Vertical Cable Managers with Hinged Cover

    Hinged tray covers for neatly mounting cable management accessories and allow easy handling during moves, upgrades and changes.

  • Baying Kits for Rack

    Baying Kits for Rack

    The best-in-class metal bracketed baying kits designed for use in a range of server cabinets for steadfastly connecting racks together.

  • Locks


    Fail-proof easy-to-install locking mechanisms to secure your server room equipment from tampering or theft.

  • Temperature Control Units

    Temperature Control Units

    Different designs and dimensions of space-saving quality temperature control units for your network rooms and data centers.

  • Drawer Lockers

    Drawer Lockers

    Thick gauge steel compatible lockers are available in wide panel spaces and depths and are flanged on all sides for added support to cables and power outlet strips.

  • Base Plinths

    Base Plinths

    Suiting almost any enclosure application, base plinth systems provide a stable base, offer extra space for cable entry and provide user-friendly storage of cable assemblies.

  • Rail Kits

    Rail Kits

    A range of fixed and sliding adjustable rail kits for steadfastly mounting servers and other necessary IT equipment.

  • Cage Nuts

    Cage Nuts

    High-quality cage nuts for securely mounting all types of equipment into your data server racks and even audio-visual equipment

  • Caster Wheels

    Caster Wheels

    Easy-to-move caster wheel precision bearings with start-stop capabilities, for effortless setup or relocation of server racks.

  • Make Data-life Longer with Protective Containment Solutions.

    Flexible Modular Server Racks to House your Data-critical Equipment.

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